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India Glory Book of Records

Global Federation of Entrepreneurs (GFE) is INDIA’S FASTEST GROWING ORGANIZATION FOR BUSINESS TRAININGS, KNOWLEDGE & NETWORKING has claimed by India Glory Book of Records.

Award Id: IGBR99| Category : Fastest Growing Global Chamber
GFE is the world’s fastest growing organisation and India’s largest business network which provides business training and support to business community so that many organisations acquire and get knowledge in different many field like trade, sports, industrial relationship, business networking etc. Being awarded as Best EXIM and Business Training Leadership organisation for last 3 years, GFE group have a presence in more than 50 cities in India, also in 12 plus countries with 10,000 industry owners, business professionals, importers and exporters trained. Global Federation of Entrepreneurs (GFE) have a largest network of farmers, traders, suppliers from many different industries of various sectors globally. GFE group provides a platform wherein organisations can explore according to their area of expertise, expectations and planning as it conducts more than 25 business events, conferences, and summits every month internationally. We proudly announce that more than 100 industry experts from many sectors are associated with this organisation globally for achieving the milestone of making 1,00,000 exporters and entrepreneurs by 2025 on a single board which serves as the key liaising body representing the views of business and enterprises having business interest in their respective countries. GFE promotes and fulfils the interests & expectations of its member’s businesses while cooperatively working to establish an environment and economic climate for success in the business community, globally. The GFE provides a platform for profitable interaction between business communities of different countries of all continents to enhance trade and commerce. GFE plays an essential, fundamental & structural part in the successful nurturing of a vibrant business community. As an organization, we are the voice of importers, exporters, businesses professionals, entrepreneurs and start-up’s across the globe. Being a trans-national body, the vision & mission of GFE group is to facilitate and foster economic growth for many business professionals in their relevant sectors globally. GFE group helps in the growth of the business communities for the development of import / export, corporate or private investment, increase in public-private dialogue, trade felicitation etc. GFE along with its different wings is also active in providing business networking and branding platform for its members through organizing national/international trade conferences, business seminars, workshops for importers & exporters, trade fairs, exhibitions, virtual forum and offers various platforms for members to exchange ideas and share experiences. GFE,having a presence in more than 20 countries liaises with their trade bodies and interested import export organizations to promote our member’s interest. India Glory Book of Records has recorded nomination titled “INDIA’S FASTEST GROWING ORGANIZATION FOR BUSINESS TRAININGS, KNOWLEDGE & NETWORKING” on the basis of network, presence, expertise, and activities and networking in various countries along with the various field.


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