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India Glory Book of Records

Hubballi girl enters India Glory Book of Records after skating 400 metres in 51 seconds being blindfolded

Award Id: IGBR94| Category : Young Achievers
A 14-year-old girl from Hubballi set a new world record in blindfolded skating here . Ojal Nalavade, a class 7 student from JDS School in Hubballi, covered a distance of 400 metres in 51 seconds while skating blindfolded. Officials from the India Glory Book of World Records declared Ojal the fastest blindfolded skater in the world in the 400 metres category. The event was held near Chetana College where people had gathered from as early as 5.30 am. There were a total of three attempts and the third attempt was declared as the record. Officials from the India Glory Book of Records had given her a time of 60 seconds to complete the task to achieve the record. Speaking to the media, Ojal expressed happiness and thanked everyone for the support.


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