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Sri Ratan TATA Chairman of Tata Sons and Trusts donate Rs 1500 crore to fight against coronavirus COVID-19

Award Id: IGBR91| Category : Corporate Social Responsibility
Tata Trusts Chairman Ratan Tata became the top trend on Twitter right after he announced a massive Rs 1500 crore on Saturday to fight the coronavirus pandemic raging around the world. Calling COVID-19 crisis as 'one of the toughest challenges that the human race will face', the 82-year-old businessman, who is well known for his philanthropy, shared the note from his charitable organisation. He captioned the post, "Tata Trusts and Tata group companies have in the past risen to the need .. This donation is so far the biggest contribution made by any Indian. In the statement issued by the charitable trust, Tata said the current situation in India and across the world is of grave concern and needs immediate action. The amount would be used for personal protective equipment for the medical personnel on the frontline, respiratory systems for treating increasing cases, testing kits to increase per capita testing, setting up modular treatment facilities for infected patients, and knowledge management and training of health workers plus the general public.


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