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Kota, Rajsthan based Rasmi Namdev a Master Trainer self-defense for women and Social Activist has been nominated as “Woman Empowerment ICON” of India.

Award Id: IGBR104| Category : Women Empowerment
Kota, Rajsthan based Rasmi Namdev a Master Trainer self-defense for women and Social Activist. Currently she is serving as a physical education teacher in government education department, Rajasthan. Her synonyms name is in that area is a struggling lady. Ms. Namdev is member of various prestigious organizations e.g. District President (Women Wing), Physical Education Teacher’s Organization, Kota, District President, Rastriya Mahila Jaguriti Manch, Kota, Vice-President, District Executive, All Rajasthan S.C./S.T./O.B.C. officers/employees, Sanyukat Mahasangh, Kota. Basically Rashmi Namdev was born on May 27, 1980 at Kota, Rajasthan in a poor middle class family. They are four sisters and no brother. She is third number daughter of her parents. Born a female child in society is known as curse. Her parents and other relatives shown she is a curse in the family. Her mother is always blamed Rashmi that on her birth her father was removed from service. She was always discriminated in all walks of her life since birth. To even her marriage was solemnized in a Mass Marriage conference (Vivah Sammelon) on November 15, 2002 under the banner of Namdev Samaj Zila Vikash Sanstha, Baran-Rajasthan. In this way her parents to crash the expenses of Hindu customary Rashmi’s marriage. In this way her dreams were ended. She struggled too much to maintain her married life. She served her husband when he had under gone very serious surgery. Then he changed his views towards her. Now he is supporting her and they are leading very happy married life. One thing more that she is having two daughters only for that she is always discriminating in every walk of her life by her husband’s parents and other family members. But she has decided to build the career of her daughters herself. She, therefore, has decided to protect the of women/girls through self defense training and help needy peoples. She also dedicated her life for social services. Her philosophy of life is inspiring others. Out of all struggle Mrs. Namdev a Master degree in Public Administraion, CPEd, PG Diploma in Yoga Science from Vardhman University, Kota, Rajsthan. After got intensive self-defense training for women in November, 2017, January, 2019, September, 2019 at Rajasthan Police Academy, Jaipur and in November, 2019 at Police Training School, Jhalawar (Rajasthan). She was nominated “Master Trainer” self defense for women in Kota district in the year 2017. Till now she had trained 1160 girls/women’s and teachers, which in highest in Kota district. It is pertinent to mention here that in 2019, he has trained 40 Male and female physical education teachers through new technique of self defense training. At present they are performing duties of self defense as Trainers in different part of the Kota district. It is commendable that she prepared 40 Trainers for self defense training in a very short period. Out of these contribution towards society various prestigious organization has awarded and honored e.g. Since Year 2017, she was conferred more than 30 awards, honors and appreciations by government official i.e. Administrative and education officers from block level to district level of different categories for her excellent services for self-defense training for girls, women, games & sports, yoga, women empowerment, corona worrier and Social Service etc. Mrs. Namdev conferred Zila Shikshak Purskar 2020 by Chief District Education Officer, Kota with Rs. 11,000.00 cheque for outstanding educational work on October 15, 2020, her short biography has got place in Golden Book of the Earth and a certificate for this purpose was conferred to her by Sawarn Bharat Parivar Trust and other organizations on October 18, 2020. This is in recognition of her noble work., she achieved Global Gandhi Peace Award 2020 on her by Sawarn Bhart Parivar Trust on October 02, 2020 in recognition of her outstanding services and dedication for the peaceful Nation. Conferred Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam National Award-2020. On her by Sawarn Bhart Pariwar Trust run by in the alliance of Government of India and UNICEF, for joining forces with our community to creat Malnutrition frce world on September 20, 2020. Conferred Dr. Sarvpalli Radhakrishanan Rastriya Shiksha Sriromani Sammen 2020 by Sawarn Bhart Parivar Trust registered in NITI Aayog on September 05, 2020 for outstanding work in the field of education. Conferred Appreciation certificates by Rajasthan State Legal Services Authority, Jaipur for taken oath on constitution day November 26, 2020 & for protection day child rights during observing child Rights week. In the gallery of awards and honours her work and contributions to society were recognized and conferred more than 80 awards and appreciation by state government and many social organization in last four years. As her services and contributions towards society are appreciable. Success is not an accident. It is not miracle either. It is simply a matter of cause and effect. Women are a pious golden light of the world. Crime against women is increasing rapidly in these days. Circumstances prevailing in society forced me to do something for women protection and women empowerment.Therefore, Mrs. Naamdev has choosen filed of self defense training for women. She is dedicated for this cause. This is her philosophy. She is actively promoting awareness for education in rural and tribal areas. Her active participation at grass root level in social activities for women empowerment is an example in that tribal area. India Glory Book of Records has been recognized Mrs. Namdev’s contribution towards society, social and woman empowerment through motivation and self defense with the titled “Woman Empowerment ICON” of India.


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